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Decorative Finishes

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  • Luxurious, head-turning finish

  • It creates a high-end, sophisticated finish

  • Environmentally friendly

  •  Ultra-durable

Service Description

A Venetian plaster finish ranges in texture and color which allows you create a custom finish that is sure to enhance your decor. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look, Venetian plaster will add a touch of class to your home.


While this was once a laborious effect used by Roman craftsmen 

now Seamless Drywall and Painting Co. can easily create this one of a kind effect for your home or office.

We offer the following plasters and decorative finishes for our customers to choose from:

Stucco Lamundo™ | Glossy Venetian Plaster

  • Lime based

  • Easy application 

  • Durability

  • Elegant interior wall finish

  • Designed for space where luxurious atmosphere is desired

Marmorino Palldino™ | Heavy Bodied Plaster

  • Made from natural lime and marble dust

  • Smooth, elegant, and marble like finish

  • Minimal variation of color

  • Natural stone and distressed textures

  • Contemporary look with mica flakes or metallic wax

Marmorino Tintoretto™ | Low Sheen/Flat Venetian Plaster

  • Made from natural lime and marble dust

  • Flat to low sheen smooth finish

  • Fine skip trowel effect

  • Wide array of designs

  • Smooth finish that exposes highs and lows of color

Perleas Velvet™ | Decorative Finish

  • Trowel aplied product

  • Comes in 7 tintable bases (white, silver, gun metal, gold, bronze, bown and red)

  • Can also be tinted to create custom colors

  • Two coats of velvet or water base flat paint is recommended

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